Lorem ipsum. Or, The Project Sentence Automator™

Hands-on with a large volume of projects designed by most known international architecture practices, we all can notice that architects in general, when they write about their work, tend to have the same type of approach. Phrases built nearly the same way, with incipits, words, prepositions and adjectives recurring with little variation, from work to work, and from practice to practice.

In the Area 51 of the Spacelab Research Center, in the technological hearth of our offices (…), we developed an experimental project: we tried to make a list of many of the verbal twitches most frequently used in architecture designer’s descriptions, and them we lined’em up in a logical sequence, with a script that mixes randomly possible combinations.

So, here it is: say hello to our “Project Sentence Automator™“, an automatic generator of architectural catchphrases (refresh the page to remix the sentence):

Useful for those with little time available, who want to add a full-in-effect sentence in their project press-release.

But there is one more thing. We planned a more advanced, sophisticated version of this Automator  dedicated to architecture critics and opinion leaders. With our cutting-edge technology, at last they could write entire essays or publications mixing parboiled sentences, opinions and reviews from their own or someone else’s repertoire. Sure, you can say some already autonomously do this way. But you’ll agree ours is much more practical…

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